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Start Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

A surefire way to make your teeth and unsightly yellow and start travelling down the road to gum disease is to begin smoking or chewing tobacco. Taking up either one will be sure to bring a sickly color to your smile, among other distasteful things. The health risks of tobacco use are widely established now, but amazingly, there are still those that want to take chances for some unknown reason.

Drink Acidic and Sugary Drinks that Stain

Several types of beverages are known to cause staining of the teeth, and of them, there are more that contain acids and sugars that can strip away tooth enamel and increase mouth bacteria. Sodas, teas, coffee, red wine, and energy drinks are to name but a few. Reduce your intake or stay away from them altogether. Remember, water is the best drink there is!

Neglecting to Brush and Floss

Believe it or not, there are some people that don’t brush and floss daily. If you don’t brush at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, you are not doing it enough. Flossing needs to be done at least once a day. Forgetting this essential dental health routine is courting tooth decay and gum disease.

Neglecting Professional Cleanings and Dental Visits

No matter how consistently you brush your teeth, infrequently visiting the dentist is going to lead to a lot of expensive dental follow-up work down the road. Deep dive cleanings and fluoride treatment is needed every six months in order to stave off plaque build-up between visits, and your dentist can’t catch more serious issues if you don’t come in for checkups.

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