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You are probably aware of the common threats to your smile, such as poor dental health and a diet that is rich in carbs. But did you know that your teeth could be injured if you play a high-contact sport? Sporting activities put your teeth and jaw at risk of being hit by an elbow, knee, ball, elbow, or helmet, and can cause you significant dental injury. If you wear a custom mouth guard at appropriate times, you can protect your smile from being damaged.

You can go to many different sources for mouth guards, but the three most common types of mouth guards you will find are stock, boil and bite, and custom made. Most sports stores carry stock mouth guards, which are worn as they are will no preparation.

At the same stores, you can often find boil-and-bite mouth guards. To fit these mouth guards to your smile, soften the thermoplastic material in boiling water and then use your fingers and tongue to mold them to your teeth before they become cool.

Perhaps your best option is to visit Dana Dental Arts for a custom-made mouth guard that is custom fitted to your smile for a comfortable design that offers full protection.

You don’t need to play sports to benefit from a mouth guard. If you suffer from a tooth grinding habit known as bruxism, a mouth guard can cushion your teeth while you sleep so that the grinding doesn’t wear them down and cause them to break.

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